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Thiru has seen first-hand how violence, a lack of opportunity, generations of disinvestment, and drug addiction tear communities apart. He is the only candidate in the race who has served as a federal and city prosecutor. He has managed and led on complex issues, from multinational mergers to the legalization of gay marriage. Thiru embodies the story of Baltimore and holds boundless belief in Baltimoreans’ capacity to prosper. He is the one candidate with the expertise, the energetic commitment, and the grit required to unite our City around a new, next chapter.

”[Thiru] has the right message at the right time: 

End the killing and root out corruption.”


Baltimore Sun



Since April 2019, our team has been organizing events, knocking doors, releasing policy plans, fundraising, and criss-crossing the city, meeting voters where they are. Relationships drive everything we do. We listen to residents about their hopes, concerns, and love for Baltimore. 

We’re motivated by ideas, and we’re committed to building coalitions of people who know we deserve better. 

If you believe in safer streets and stronger schools, in integrity and common sense, in hope and opportunity for all, this isn't just our campaign—it's your campaign too.


Our team is growing each and every day. We are driven to save the life of our incredible City. Our campaign holds the following values as our north stars: Courage, Diligence, Family, Engagement, Autonomy, Fun. 

When you join us, you’re considered a member of our extended Thiru for Baltimore family. We work hard, we respect one another, and we prioritize genuine connection. In our view, everything matters

So much is possible here in Baltimore. Together, we can get there. 

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